As we age, our body’s change in several ways. Your dental health will also change as you grow older, and it becomes even more crucial to take great care of your teeth. Dentures, implants and restorative dental work can all be used to improve your dental health throughout the ageing process. Implants provide the most natural replacement of a tooth – as they are physically attached to your jaw, making them sturdy and durable. Dentures are removable and less like your own teeth, however are more affordable.

Many people think losing teeth with age is inevitable. This is not true – healthy teeth that are well cared for can definitely last a lifetime. Dentures don’t have to be inevitable. One change that occurs in teeth as they age, is the size of the nerve channels. These nerves may reduce in size, making it more difficult to feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth. With this lack of sensitivity or toothache, teeth can become severely damaged and need removing or replacing. Dentures provide affordable tooth replacement.

This means that you may not have any signs or symptoms of a dental cavity or nerve damage, meaning it’s even more important to have regular check-ups. If you have lost teeth and wear a full or partial dentures , ensure that you remove it for at least 4 hours per day, and clean it thoroughly every night. Built up plaque on your denture can also contribute to tooth decay on your natural teeth.

Great dental hygiene is important at every age – and if you start good habits early, you can have your own teeth forever!