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Easter Means Sugar! Protect Yourself From Tooth Decay

Posted March 5th, 2018

Easter is a wonderful time of year. School holidays roll around and we have a long weekend. Often, family functions occur and lots of delicious food is consumed. This holiday season can be tough on your teeth. Sugar and acidic foods are really harmful to your teeth. This  time of year can mean consuming a lot of these nasties!

Whether you celebrate Easter due to it’s religious significance, or just enjoy some time off with friends and family, this holiday can wreak havoc on your teeth. One thing is for sure across all faiths and backgrounds – and that’s sugar and treats at Easter time.  Easter eggs, hot cross buns, lollies, big meals, the list goes on.

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Why should my child get a custom dental mouthguard for sports?

Posted February 27th, 2018

The winter sports season is fast approaching and the excitement is building at home. As much as you are looking forward to the early Saturday morning starts and standing on the sideline in the rain, you have nagging concerns around safety.

You appreciate the value the benefits of health, fitness, communication and teamwork that sports like footie, soccer and netball bring to your children. You also know that one second of lost concentration, a mistimed tackle or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be dangerous.

Getting hurt can happen to anyone on the field. The most common issues are cracked teeth, a tooth being knocked out, a fractured root or tooth intrusion. While these all sound painful, modern dentistry can now repair the majority of sport related injuries.

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Curious About Teeth Whitening? Read David

Posted February 2nd, 2018

David took great care of his teeth, but was always unhappy with their colour. While he brushed and flossed regularly, he also enjoyed lots of coffee, red wine, and was a long term smoker. Over the years, David’s teeth had become heavily stained and he was feeling self conscious about it. David had been curious about teeth whitening but didn’t know how best to proceed.At his regular 6 monthly check up and clean, he discussed his concerns with our caring dentist Dr Theresa Leong.

Dr Leong was able to explain to David that the staining of his teeth may have been caused by several factors, including:

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New Year, New You? Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle with Dental Care

Posted January 11th, 2018

Many of us start the New Year with resolutions we want to achieve. One of the most common resolutions, is aiming to implement a healthy lifestyle. Whether this means losing weight, quitting smoking, eating more vegetables or going for a jog every day, we can help. Many people don’t understand that achieving a healthy lifestyle is a result of many little steps, not one big change.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your everyday. Even the tiniest changes can make a big difference. Did you know that by implementing one change everyday for 21 days, you set a habit? We challenge you to floss your teeth every night for 21 days – and see how inspired you are to continue living a healthy lifestyle in other aspects.

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Is it Safe to Have Dental Treatment During Pregnancy?

Posted December 13th, 2017

While improved home dental care is essential to proper dental development in your unborn child, it is equally important to ensure that you are continuing professional dental treatment. Many expectant mothers think dental treatment is unsafe when pregnant. It is absolutely safe to receive dental treatment during pregnancy. More importantly- it is actually recommended. Your dentist will be able to look at your health history and your dental history. Then, they will prescribe suitable dental treatment for you. This will manage your gum health and ensure you avoid pregnancy gingivitis.

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Pregnancy Can Significantly Affect Your Dental Health

Posted December 6th, 2017

Prenatal Care and Dental Health
Taking care of your own health and needs while pregnant can have a surprising effect on both the dental and overall physical health of your child. While more research is still needed to provide specific numbers in terms of risk, there is rapidly growing evidence to suggest that there is a link between gum disease and premature birth. It seems that gum disease in pregnant women affects certain fluids and hormones that induce labor, and when gun disease worsens during pregnancy, the chances of premature birth go up accordingly.

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Are You Neglecting Aspects of Your Child’s Health?

Posted November 29th, 2017

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. We work hard to ensure that they receive all of the medical care that they need, from vaccinations to checkups, medication, and anything else that doctors may recommend. For almost all parents, ensuring the health and well-being of our children is a top priority, and one that we will go to almost any length to accomplish. Yet a surprising number of parents overlook a critical element of their children’s healthcare – dental care.

Did you know that oral health is linked strongly to overall physical health? Did you know that teaching the right dental habits early in life can help to greatly decrease the chances of cavities and gum disease in your children as they get older? We all want our children to have healthy bodies as well as natural and confident smiles, and this starts with proper dental care. Not only should you use a finger or gum brush on babies and teach children as early as possible how to properly use a toothbrush and toothpaste, but regular visits to the dentist are critical.

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