The winter sports season is fast approaching and the excitement is building at home. As much as you are looking forward to the early Saturday morning starts and standing on the sideline in the rain, you have nagging concerns around safety.

You appreciate the value the benefits of health, fitness, communication and teamwork that sports like footie, soccer and netball bring to your children. You also know that one second of lost concentration, a mistimed tackle or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be dangerous.

Getting hurt can happen to anyone on the field. The most common issues are cracked teeth, a tooth being knocked out, a fractured root or tooth intrusion. While these all sound painful, modern dentistry can now repair the majority of sport related injuries.

But you can help prevent issues occurring by making sure your child has a proper, well fitted, custom mouthguard. Dental studies show that children who don’t wear a mouthguard are sixty times more likely to damage their teeth during sport.

Are you prepared to take that risk?

Dentist creating a custom mouthguardA custom fit dental mouthguard helps cushion a blow to the face and spread the impact from contact. This helps to minimise the risk of broken teeth and other oral damage. A mouthguard supplied by your dentist will fit more correctly, ensure your child can breathe comfortably and will retain well in their mouth.

A store bought universal fitting mouthguard doesn’t protect your child’s teeth as well as one that has been custom made to fit their mouth properly. Buying a universal mouthguard, heating it in hot water and trying to fit it into your child’s mouth just doesn’t offer the same level of support or protection.

A custom dental mouthguard that is not left at the bottom of a smelly sports back or in the locker room after the game is more durable than one bought over the counter. Today, we can even customize them with your name to increase the likelihood of them making the next game.

A mouthguard fitted by your dentist is good insurance against the potential on field risks of winter sports. To find out more, call us or make an appointment today.