It’s 3pm. Traffic thickens, you’re waiting in your car with your eyes carefully scanning to find your kids big smiles among the sea of school uniforms. Finally you spot your little angels with their large backpacks and big smiles.

They jump in the car and you notice something different, “what happened to your tooth?!” you ask. No parent wants to see their child with a chipped tooth. Many people don’t realise that the consequences of a chipped tooth can be more severe than just the appearance.

Accidents happen especially with young kids. A knock in the playground or a trip on the steps can damage your child’s teeth. While sometimes dental injuries in baby teeth can look complicated, often enough your child will be completely fine and the tooth will settle normally in time. child tooth trauma

When children incur a chipped tooth or suffer a tooth trauma, the tooth can become discoloured and the nerve may die. Gum injury surrounding the tooth should be assessed and treated, and x-rays should be taken to identify any issues. If left untreated, a chipped tooth can result in damage to the adult tooth forming in your child’s gum.

While uncommon, occasionally a trauma to a baby tooth can lead to problems with the adult tooth’s development. It’s definitely worth a visit to Vivid to take a quick x-ray and put your mind at ease. If your child has a chipped tooth or slightly grey or dark tooth, this can also be signs of trauma – even if they don’t remember when or how they did it.

Give us a call to book an appointment and make sure your child’s adult teeth are still on track to growing healthily.