Many patients come to us hoping to improve the appearance of a black tooth or generalised yellow teeth. There can be many reasons that may result in black or yellow teeth over time. Some of the reasons can be:

  • Smoking cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco
  • Frequent drinking of coffee and black tea
  • Frequent drinking of red wine
  • Consumption of deeply coloured foods such as curries, cherries, berries and some tomato based sauces
  • Antibiotic usage as an infant
  • Dead or damaged nerves
  • Leaking amalgam fillings
  • Cavities

dark tooth

It can be difficult to know where to start – often patients think there is no easy fix, and that they just have to live with their current condition. However, at Vivid Dental, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you haeve generalised yellow teeth, or a dark grey or black tooth, we can help you.

Treatment for yellow teeth can be as simple as a thorough clean. Plaque can build up and give a yellow teeth appearance, particularly between teeth. A thorough scale and clean can remove this plaque, and a prophylaxis polish can remove surface stains – resulting in a brighter, whiter looking smile.

However, if the yellow teeth discolouration is deep staining, teeth whitening may be required to lift the colour. Teeth whitening can be done in office, professionally administered by our professional team. Alternatively, teeth whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home with customised trays to fit your teeth, and whitening gel. Both achieve great results and can remove the yellow teeth staining, whitening your teeth.

Have a look here for some before and after photos.

If staining is not the cause of discolouration, it is likely to be a more serious issue. If a nerve has died or been damaged within a tooth, the tooth can become grey and dark. This may require root canal therapy and a crown, in order to restore the tooth to it’s best possible state.

However, darkness can also be caused by a cavity. If this is the case, a simple tooth-coloured filling can quickly and easily fix this discolouration. Today, fillings tend to be a natural looking, white based, tooth colour. This means no more silver fillings which can worsen teeth’s appearance and make you more self conscious about your smile. Only natural looking, white fillings are used at Vivid Dental.

If you are worried about  the colour of your teeth, or would like to consider teeth whitening, click here to take up our website offer for a complimentary consultation to find out more.