Fluoride and Dental Health

Fluoride in water was an amazing step forward in strengthening teeth against decay.

Fluoride is a main component in most toothpastes, and in many parts of Australia and around the world, is also a main component in municipal water supplies. Fluoridated drinking water has been proven to make a significant difference in the development of gum disease and dental caries. Fluoride also helps determine whether weakened enamel will be remineralized or will form a cavity. Women who live in areas where water is not fluoridated are often advised to take supplements. If supplements are used, care must be taken not to consume more that recommended amount, as too much can also cause damage to your unborn child’s teeth. Research indicates that this powerful mineral can be transferred through the placenta, meaning that it will reduce the risk of caries in the unborn child as well.

We highly recommend that you introduce fluoridated toothpaste as soon as your child is able to brush without swallowing. It’s important to note that there are many organic toothpastes available in today’s market, most of which contain no fluoride. While you may think that organic is best, using a fluoride-free organic toothpaste can actually significantly compromise your child’s dental health. Without fluoride, tooth enamel is not strengthened. Failing to use fluoride can result in caries, cavities and more complicated dental problems. There are organic toothpastes available that do contain fluoride. If you would like to use an organic toothpaste, please ensure it contains this tooth strengthening mineral.

Regular checkups not only allow patients feel more comfortable with the dentist, they also help your dentist get to know your child and their teeth before any problems occur. There are also many aspects of routine maintenance that a dentist or dental hygienist can perform that cannot be done at home. A dental professional can offer fluoridation treatments, can seal teeth to help prevent cavities, and can remove plaque and tartar that regular brushing will not get rid of. The fluoridation treatment issued by dentists is a of higher grade that is excellent for strengthening teeth against decay.

For more information, check out the Australian Dental Association website: https://www.ada.org.au/Home