Sarah considered herself very healthy. She ate well, exercised each day and loved practicing yoga. She was diligent with her water intake, ensured she ate loads of organic fruit and veggies and avoided alcohol and refined sugar. To Sarah, health and well-being was always a priority. It came as a huge surprise to Sarah to find out that she had neglected a very important aspect of her well-being for years – her oral health.

After noticing some bleeding whilst brushing her teeth, Sarah booked in an appointment with our team. Following a thorough examination, one of our caring dentists was able to explain to Sarah that she had moderate gum disease. Her gums were puffy, inflamed and had loosened from the tooth structure, allowing harmful bacteria and plaque to enter the blood stream.

Gum disease is an active bacterial infection in the body. We know that any infection in the body is detrimental to our health, yet every day we see patients who have allowed their gums to remain infected for several months or years. Staggeringly, 90% of adults of 30 years old have some form of active gum disease and 65% of teenagers aged 15+ already have gum disease.Active-healthy-women_imocx4

The mouth is an integral part of your body’s entire immune system. Chronic bacterial infections attack the immune system, causing an inflammatory response in the body as it fights to defend against this attack. Bacterial infection in the mouth directly impacts your immune and overall health, as chronic infection and inflammation weakens the immune system and adversely affects your well-being. Several serious health conditions have been linked to chronic gum disease including stroke, heart disease, diabetes and oral cancer.

Gum disease is very common, but it doesn’t have to be. By simply flossing regularly, brushing your teeth diligently and having regular check-up and professional clean appointments, you can ensure your teeth and gums are infection free. This means you will no longer be ingesting harmful toxins and bacteria every single day, reducing the inflammation in your body and helping to keep you healthy. Thanks to the friendly team at Vivid Dental, Sarah has gotten her oral health back under control and now takes care of her gums as well as her entire body.