Many of us start the New Year with resolutions we want to achieve. One of the most common resolutions, is aiming to implement a healthy lifestyle. Whether this means losing weight, quitting smoking, eating more vegetables or going for a jog every day, we can help. Many people don’t understand that achieving a healthy lifestyle is a result of many little steps, not one big change.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your everyday. Even the tiniest changes can make a big difference. Did you know that by implementing one change everyday for 21 days, you set a habit? We challenge you to floss your teeth every night for 21 days – and see how inspired you are to continue living a healthy lifestyle in other aspects.

Healthy Lifestyle

Achieve a healthy lifestyle by implementing great dental habits.

How can a dental practice help me achieve a healthy lifestyle, you ask? There have been many studies conducted to identify the link between oral health and overall health. Everybody’s mouth is teeming with bacteria.

Most of the bacteria is harmless and necessary to digest food. However, gum disease and tooth decay can cause harmful bacteria to build in your mouth. You are then swallowing and ingesting this bacteria day and night.

This can take a massive toll on your new healthy lifestyle. Despite your other attempts at improving your diet and well being, if you are constantly ingesting bacteria, you are compromising your health.

 Endocarditis which is an infection of the lining of the heart, has been linked to gum disease and the bacteria that enters the blood stream when gum disease is present.  The toxic bacteria that can accumulate as a result of severe gum disease has also been linked to other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Overall health and leading an  active, healthy lifestyle can significantly decrease one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. Signs of gum disease or  bacteria include puffiness of the gums, redness of the gums, lumpiness or patchiness of the tongue, discoloration of the teeth, receding of the gums, bleeding when  brushing or flossing, foul smelling breath and frequent throat infections and pain.

Studies have also shown that individuals who brush twice daily, floss and regularly see a dentist, are more in touch with their overall health, and make better choices  in regards to healthy living.

Be a healthier you. Book in a check-up and clean today to make your goal of achieving a healthy lifestyle a reality.

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