With a significant movement towards organic lifestyle choices becoming increasingly popular, many patients ask us if organic toothpaste is better for their teeth and their children’s teeth. While some people are concerned about fluoride being ‘toxic’ and chemicals being ingested, brushing with regular toothpaste, organic toothpaste isn’t always a better option.

Vivid Dental supports the controlled use of fluoride for strengthening teeth. Most brands of organic toothpaste don’t contain fluoride to strengthen teeth, or sufficient ingredients to effectively remove plaque and bacteria. While organic toothpaste may sound appealing as a holistic option, the lack of fluoride can mean soft, weak tooth enamel and ineffective removal of bacteria, which ultimately leads to cavities and dental disease.

Brushing with organic toothpaste can be much less effective than brushing with regular toothpaste, especially for children and adults who are prone to tooth decay and a high sugar diet. For kids, we recommend using a children’s toothpaste such a ‘milk teeth’ or ‘stages’ while your child is still young.

Over the age of 6 children can use adult toothpaste – but only a small amount, and should spit and rinse thoroughly. At any age, young or old, so long as you are spitting out all your toothpaste and rinsing afterwards, you won’t ingest anything harmful to you, regardless of whether organic toothpaste or regular toothpaste is used. Fluoride toothpastes are tested by regulatory boards and are not harmful to your health when used correctly. This means organic toothpaste is not required for safety or toxicity reasons, as fluoride is safe.

While organic produce like fruit and veggies can be excellent and higher in health benefits, organic toothpaste isn’t necessarily the way to go. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to drop in or give us a call and we would be glad to help.