Oral Health = Overall Health

If you think that having poor oral hygiene only affects your teeth and mouth, think again. Maintaining good oral health is crucial to your overall health for so many reasons. If your gums are puffy and unhealthy, every time you eat, brush or chew, all that bacteria is being absorbed into your bloodstream and travelling around your body. This bacteria has been found in the arterial plaque present in medical patients with heart disease.

You wouldn’t skip washing your hands or having a shower – so why skip brushing and flossing? Your oral hygiene routine will become easier and easier to follow the more often you do it. For those of you who shower before bed or in the morning, try brushing your teeth in the shower. The cold Winter mornings and night times have us all wanting to stay in the shower those extra couple of minutes, so use that time to thoroughly brush your teeth for two minutes. Another great tip to get into the habit of flossing is to floss before you brush, instead of after. Many patients who usually floss their teeth after brushing forget or simply can’t be bothered to floss. However, if you floss first, you will still want to brush your teeth after, that way you’re definitely doing both each time!