All parents want the best for their children – and this includes a great looking, healthy smile with straight teeth. However, often a little help from orthodontic treatment is needed to straighten a smile.

It’s incredibly common for children and teenagers to have orthodontic treatment such as braces, retainers, plates, or other appliances, to widen or straighten their smile, or even close gaps. Most people are self-conscious about crooked teeth, gaps between their teeth or overlapping teeth. thumb-sucking-buck-teeth-Gi

Sometimes it’s tricky to know whether or not your child may need orthodontic treatment. The best thing to do is book in an orthodontic treatment consultation with our expert team. An orthodontic consultation involves a thorough examination of your child’s mouth space and jaw.

It’s best to have orthodontic treatment done when your child has some or most of their adult teeth – however it is not essential that all adult teeth are present. If you notice severe crookedness, crowding or gaps in your child’s smile, it’s best to start an orthodontic treatment plan as soon as possible.

The reason orthodontic treatment is most beneficial during childhood and adolescence, is due to the extreme growth and change that occurs over these years. Any orthodontic appliance will work with the natural growth of your child – rather than waiting until adulthood when growth has stopped, to then shift everything.

Every mouth is different, therefore every orthodontic treatment is different. However, the first step is always the creation of ‘orthodontic treatment records’ which involves taking photographs, measurements and molds of the mouth. This shows us the current positioning of the teeth, including whether they are crooked, overcrowded or have gaps between them.

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Orthodontic Treatment for Kids is best started early.

We can also refer to these models throughout the treatment, to see the teeth become straight, the gaps close, the smile widen and the improvements in face shape.

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. Give your child the brightest outlook and the confidence to smile big.

Book your child in for an orthodontic treatment consultation and start them on the track to a perfect, straight smile for life.