The Christmas and New Year break usually involves lots of functions, parties and BBQ’s, which can mean lots of cocktails, wines and treat foods.This can be highly detrimental for your dental health, resulting in stained teeth and decay. Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages usually contain very high levels of sugar and acidity. This can cause worn enamel, cavities and stained teeth.

Try to have some water after each beverage or treat, as the water will help dilute the sugar and acids in your saliva, and wash away colouring to prevent stained teeth. Even after a big night out, it’s important to brush your teeth, to prevent the acids and sugars coating your teeth overnight.

The longer heavily coloured foods and drinks wash over your teeth, the more likely you are to develop stained teeth.

Red wines, dark spirits and coloured cocktails (eg grenadine) can also cause heavily stained teeth, so make sure you brush thoroughly after consuming these coloured drinks. The lowest sugar options for alcoholic beverages include vodka and soda with fresh lime, or sugar free lemonade with a white spirit.

White wines are extremely high in sugars, while red wines contain that deep red pigment which can cause stained teeth. Choose your drinks wisely and drink responsibly!