David took great care of his teeth, but was always unhappy with their colour. While he brushed and flossed regularly, he also enjoyed lots of coffee, red wine, and was a long term smoker. Over the years, David’s teeth had become heavily stained and he was feeling self conscious about it. At his regular 6 monthly check up and clean, he discussed his concerns with our caring dentist Dr Theresa Leong.

Dr Leong was able to explain to David that the staining of his teeth may have been caused by several factors, including:

  • Smoking cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco
  • Frequent drinking of coffee and black tea
  • Frequent drinking of red wine
  • Consumption of deeply coloured foods such as curries, cherries, berries and some tomato based sauces
  • Antibiotic usage as an infant
  • Dead or damaged nerves
  • Leaking amalgam fillings
  • Cavities


After examining David’s teeth to ensure no cavities or leaking amalgam fillings were present, Dr Leong could be certain that the discoloration was due to staining alone – with no sinister underlying cause. Treatment options were then discussed, giving David all the information he needed to make a decision about how to brighten his smile in his preferred way.

Treatment for yellow teeth can be as simple as a thorough clean. Plaque can build up and give a yellow teeth appearance, particularly between teeth. A thorough scale and clean can remove this plaque, and a prophylaxis polish can remove surface stains – resulting in a brighter, whiter looking smile.

In David’s case, the yellow teeth discolouration is deep staining. This means that teeth whitening is required to lift the colour. Teeth whitening can be done in office, professionally administered by our professional team in one session achieving maximum results in minimal time. Alternatively, teeth whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home with customised trays to fit your teeth, and whitening gel over a number of days. Both achieve great results and can remove the yellow teeth staining, whitening your teeth.

David opted for our in chair professional teeth whitening, and took home a kit for touch ups and ongoing whitening. He was thrilled with the results and proudly shows off his gleaming new smile. He told us at his next appointment that he was shocked by how many people noticed and commented on his bright smile, and how confident he felt. He only wished he had done it sooner!

Have a look here for some before and after photos.


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