When it comes to toothaches, there are lots of myths and misconceptions. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your health – find out the facts about toothaches. These are the top five myths about toothaches we often hear from patients.

  1. A toothache will be cured with pain killers or antibiotics.medicine

This is not the case. While taking panadol or nurofen can ease the pain temporarily, and antibiotics can fight infection surrounding the tooth, neither of these are cures or permanent solutions. The problem is still there and will only get worse.

  1. A toothache means I have a cavity.

Sometimes a toothache can be caused by a cavity or early decay, but not always. A toothache could be associated with your bite, grinding, a chip or crack, a fracture or nerve problems.

  1. Toothaches are common and normal, I should just chew on the other side.

While toothaches are common, they are an indication of a problem and should not be ignored. The longer you ignore or put up with a toothache, the worse the problem will become. If the ache is from a cavity, the cavity can rapidly decay more and more. If the ache is from nerve problems, the nerve may die if left untreated.

  1. If the toothache improves, the problem is solved.

Even if the severity of your toothache improves or even seems to disappear, it doesn’t mean the problem is resolved. Decay can cause pain and sensitivity that comes and goes, or it could mean you simply don’t feel the pain anymore because the nerve has died. Always see the dentist.

  1. Sensitive toothpaste will fix the toothache.

A toothache that responds to hot or cold foods or drinks may temporarily be eased by sensitive toothpaste, however as with most other short term remedies, this isn’t a permanent solution and won’t actually fix the cause of the toothache.

Now that we’ve busted these toothache myths, don’t put up with that pain any longer. Make an appointment to see us at Vivid Dental.