We all know someone who has had a swollen face or a hospital visit to have their wisdom teeth extracted. The topic of having wisdom teeth extracted can sound scary and overwhelming, but at Vivid Dental we can make the experience easy. If you have any concerns or issues with your wisdom teeth, come in for a consultation. We can take an OPG X-ray of your entire upper and lower jaw to see exactly where your wisdom teeth are positioned and if they will interfere with your nerves or other teeth. You may have heard the term ‘impacted wisdom teeth’ which refers to wisdom teeth that are growing inwards towards other teeth, impacting the tooth in front of them.

If they can be safely extracted, we have a number of aids to make your treatment more comfortable, such as happy gas and the wand – which is a painless anaesthetic injection. Throughout the procedure you may feel some pressure as we try to loosen the wisdom teeth for extraction, but none of this will be painful or scary.

Unsure of whether or not you even have wisdom teeth? Come in and find out! Vivid Dental can help you wise up about wisdom teeth easily and painlessly.